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The University at Buffalo’s Blue & White Fund donors are truly the lifeblood of UB Athletics. These donors are the backbone of support for over 400 student-athletes, representing UB across 16 sports. Private philanthropic support from Blue & White Fund donors ultimately provides each and every student-athlete with an unparalleled experience while on campus.

These opportunities signify a chance to grow both academically and athletically. The goal is for all student-athletes to graduate from UB equipped to thrive for years to come as proud alumni of this world class institution.


Bulls 5 For 5

Bulls 5 for 5

RISE UP and get to know UB student-athletes through our "5 for 5" series. We hope this series provides a glimpse into the impact your support is having on over 500 UB student-athletes! To learn more on the impact Blue & White Fund donors are having on UB student-athletes visit this website: To RISE UP! and join this movement visit this website:

Week 1: Cassie Oursler, Women's Basketball

Week 2: Jordan Johnson, Football

Week 3: Cassie Shado, Volleyball

Week 4: Mercedes Losada Rubio, Women's Tennis

Week 5: Ikenna Smart, Men's Basketball


Bulls 9 For 9

Bulls 9 for 9

Student-Athletes have always been at the center of our overall athletics mission at UB. On a daily basis, they dedicate themselves to pushing their limits in the classroom, on the practice court/fields, in the weight room, and in the community.

Every student-athlete has a unique story to tell and all of them have overcome adversity to grow into the BULL they are today. Below are nine student-athlete stories depicting each individual's path to UB. The student-athletes use this opportunity to express their gratitude to those that have stepped up financially, making their UB experiences so rewarding. Your resources are imperative in order for UB student-athletes to continue to execute our mission.

RISE UP and get to know UB student-athletes through our "9 for 9" series. We hope this series provides a glimpse into the impact your support is having on over 500 UB student-athletes!


Bulls 6 For 6

Bulls 6 for 6

For the next 6 weeks, UB Athletics will be releasing a weekly series of videos featuring UB Student-Athletes as they outline the significant impact Blue and White Fund donors have on their experience as student-athletes and ultimately their future beyond UB. Get to know some of UB's finest Student-Athletes and gain some insight on their experience on campus and the sacrifices they made along the way to earn the right to become a Bull!


Student-Athlete Testimonials

Jordan Johnson, Football

Jordan Johnson

“Getting a scholarship was huge. It allowed me to grow up and learn, not only about myself but about other people as well. It’s huge that I received a scholarship and am now able to leave UB with a degree. I now have the opportunities that I had worked for right in front of me and I just want to be successful at whatever it is that I do. I appreciate the donors. Through my years here in college I had the opportunity to meet a few and sit down with them. You know, it’s the conversations that you have with them and knowing that some of them are UB alums or just have ties to the program. It’s people like that, who make you want to say that one day I want to give back to this program as well. seeing them give back and the fact that they still have faith and believe that great things can happen and can be achieved here is huge.”


Cassie Oursler, Basketball

Cassie Ousler

“Choosing UB was the best decision I have ever made in my whole life. It’s really awesome to be able to get an education and play the sport that I love. I want to thank the donors for everything they give the athletes here at UB. A lot of us are given opportunities to come here that we wouldn’t have otherwise.”


Cassie Shado, Volleyball

Cassie Shado

“My whole experience has provided me with a chance to travel, compete, and receive an education at the same time. It’s also given me a chance to meet new people, form a bond with my teammates that I will have for a lifetime because being on a team and playing Division 1 Volleyball is a whole different lifestyle. It’s a wonderful opportunity that I’m forever thankful for! The one thing I would like to say to the donors is thank you for your contributions whether it is $50, $500, $5,000 or whatever, you guys believe in us way more than we believe in ourselves, so thank you for supporting us however you can.”


Mercedes Losada Rubio, Tennis

Mercedes Losada Rubio

“I honestly didn’t realize how much this would impact my life, the fact that I was going to be with people from all over the world, this helped me open my mind. I’ve learned how to act, how to create my environment to be my new family away from home. My teammates have become like my sisters. That’s why I came here, it’s the best option that I had. I can play tennis, learn to speak another language and study at a really big university, an important university. If I did not have this scholarship, I would not have had the chance to come to America to study and hopefully find a job here. I’ve become a better citizen for America and for all over the world. Blue & White Fund donors are giving us all the opportunity to do what we want, what we love, and they are investing in our future.”


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