cash collections were up 69% at the close of FY15; thank you to everyone that contributed!!
the bwf now has 2,322 active members, an all-time high!! thanks to everyone for the support!!
go bulls!!

Shareholders Society


An Investment in Big Time College Athletics

“We will become the preeminent, flagship athletic department for the state of New York by fostering an environment for big time college athletics in the WNY community and the state at large.”
—Danny White, Director of Athletics

Shareholders Society

The Shareholders Society is an exclusive program established to engage and recognize a select group of philanthropic contributors to athletics. Though this gift is principally philanthropic in nature, all Society members will receive a number of unique benefits and opportunities in recognition of their exemplary investment in the future of our program. This special group of supporters will be the foundation on which a new era in UB Athletics will begin to take shape. As a shareholder, your investment is critical to our efforts aimed at establishing ourselves as one of the nations most formidable athletic departments.

Current Shareholders

  • Arthur and Audrey Russ
  • Bill and Diane Hein
  • Brandon and Bianca Shaughnessy
  • Craig Polston
  • Dan and Karen Sperrazza
  • Danny and Shawn White
  • David and Lisa Heymann
  • Don and Karen Maricle
  • Donald and Bonnie Tripi
  • Dr. William and Luci Wind
  • Dr. Bob Smolinski and Dr. Claudia Fosket
  • Ed and Candice Tyrrell
  • Greg Stephan
  • Jeff and Betsy Heymann
  • Jim and Carolyn Mcnally
  • John Heffernan
  • Joseph Ceravolo
  • Karl and Dawn Fischer
  • Kevin and Elizabeth Brinkworth
  • Lance and Kelly Liepold
  • Marc and Patti Adler
  • Marc Fineberg
  • Mark Celeste
  • Mark Horgan
  • Mary Anne Rokitka
  • Michael and Karen Horgan
  • Michael Ryall
  • Mike Garofalo
  • Paul Santora
  • Phil and Diana Pignatelli
  • Reginald and Carol Newman
  • Robert and Elizabeth Evans
  • Robert and Carol Morris
  • Ron and Nancy Balter
  • Scott Wexler
  • Stephen Ulmer
  • Tom and Cynthia Murphy
  • Tunney and Deanna Murchie
  • William and Deborah Smith

What Our Shareholders are Saying

  • "We have had four generations of family members graduate from the University at Buffalo and all have enjoyed the benefits from the fine education received. As alumni to be able to give back and help the University enhance a program-the Athletic Department's tennis program is a wonderful feeling. Student athletes are formidable and valuable ambassadors for the school. It is a real pleasure to help them reach their own goals, the team's goals as well as that of the University's and, thus, the communities of Western New York."

    Dr. Harold Ortman DDS ‘41

  • "I am an enthusiastic supporter of UB Athletics. As a donor at the Athletic Director's Leadership Commitment level, I appreciate the opportunity to interact directly with AD Danny White and his leadership team. They are a high energy group that are executing on Danny's vision to raise the stature of UB's athletic program to the level befitting an AAU institution with UB's stellar academic profile. All UB alumni should proudly support these efforts. Beyond the enhancement to our university's national prestige profile, the undertaking to meaningfully upgrade our athletic teams' competitiveness is most definitely something that will solidify the quality of life we enjoy in Western New York."

    Daniel A. Sperrazza B.S. ‘88; 4-year Letterwinner - Men's Golf

  • "The sky is the limit for UB Athletics. As a former student-athlete who now lives in New York City, it is great to hear about the positive things that are coming out of the athletics department in Buffalo. I have decided to give back because I believe in the agressive vision of the UB Athletics leadership. I feel certain, now more than ever, that my contribution is an investment that will make a difference. It's my hope that others will recognize the opportunity we have as alums to be a part of something truly special!"

    Bill Smith, BA '90; 4-year Letterwinner - Men's Basketball

  • "I am extremely happy to be involved with the efforts to bring big-time college athletics to Western New York. The athletic department and leadership at the University at Buffalo are on the right path towards this goal. In order to realize this potential, we need the support of individuals and the business community. I feel a sense of pride recognizing that we are on the way to having something very special happen in our town! Go Bulls!"

    Steve Ulmer- President/CEO, Davis-Ulmer


Current Priorities

The landscape of college athletics today requires that athletic administrators continuously look for ways to enhance the athletic facility infrastructure. Paramount to the sustained success of any collegiate athletic program, are facilities that are commensurate with a championship program. Moreover, building a competitive program begins with attracting talent. Recruits today are faced with an array of options to choose from when selecting a school and a program for which to compete. As educated consumers they have a keen eye for what constitutes the “best” in training facilities and competition venues. It is crucial that our program is able to showcase firstclass amenities. As such, the current priority for Shareholders investment will be an ambitious and comprehensive endeavor to enhance our training, preparation and game-day facilities.

Why It’s Possible?

  • New York’s only public, Division-I FBS athletic department
  • 1 of 22 public flagship, AAU member institutions participating in Div. I-A athletics
  • Ranked 49th among all public universities
  • Law, Medicine, Dentistry, Business and Engineering all ranked top 100
  • The University at Buffalo has a $1.7 billion annual impact on Western New York
  • Located within 500 miles of 11 of the top 50 U.S. media markets
  • City of Buffalo is the 51st largest media market in the country
  • Over 220,000 alumni worldwide; 198,522 residing in the U.S.
  • Over 125,000 alumni in New York State
  • Over 85,000 in WNY, over 35,000 in New York City


Invest Now

If interested in a Capital Project, please call the Blue & White Fund at 716-645-6867 and ask to speak with a member of the Major Gifts staff.

Address: 202 Alumni Arena, Buffalo, New York 14260-5000
Phone: 716-645-6867
Fax: 716-645-2320
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